Video: Joe Kinder Goes to the Mountains

It has been an incredible year so far for some of North America’s top climbers. Psicobloc happened and blew everybody awayAdam Ondra screeched his way up the hardest sport climb in the world and ahem… Chris Sharma posed nude for ESPN. I am sure some other stuff happened in there somewhere, but the real show has been going on in the big mountains. Joe Kind recently went to the Sierra’s, slipped out of a crack on the Incredible Hulk and took a huge whipper. Way to go, Joe! Alex Honnold went and played on some snow in the Ruth Gorge with Freddie Wilkinson and Renan Ozturk, Sasha DiGiulian just reported on her multi pitching epic in Italian Dolomites, and Ethan Pringle is now addicted to alpine climbing. So why the sudden shift of interest from some of the top N.A. climbers? I don’t know, but I find it fascinating and interested in seeing where it goes.