Vasya Vorotnikov and Sasha DiGiulian Take SCS Championship

The 2012 SCS National Champions were crowned last night at the Movement Climbing Gym in Boulder Colorado! Sasha DiGiulian, now a three-time champion and soon-to-be New York transplant, took the high podium for the women, in front of Delaney Miller and Michaela Kiersch. Daniel Woods, 17 year-old Dylan Barks and Vasya Vorotnikov fought for 1st place on the men’s side. It seemed like it would be clear win for Daniel after placing 1st in the ABS nationals and what only seemed like moments later establishing Clear Creek Canyon’s hardest route to date with his 5.14c/d FA. He was climbing strong, but not strong enough to beat out Northeast climbing legend Vasya Vorotnikov, and Michigan’s young superstar Dylan Barks.

Men’s Sport Results
1. Vasya Vorotnikov
2. Dylan Barks (Only 17 years old)
3. Daniel Woods

Women’s Sport Results
1. Sasha Digiulian
2. Delaney Miller
3. Michaela Kiersch

Vasya on problem #1 during the UBC in NYC.

What a competition and too bad there wasn’t a live feed this year but stay tuned for LT11’s highlight reels. Until then, here is a low quality video of the qualifiers.

Full sport climbing results here.

On the speed climbing competition and no doubt a worthy event to pay attention to as staying on the wall was climbing as fast as you can is no easy feat. Both Josh Larson and Vasysa Vorotnikov placed in the top 10, with Alex Johnson taking home the win for the men. Danielle Rogan place 1st on the women’s side of things while all three Metcalf sisters place in the top 10. Those girls will be unstoppable some day!

Josh Levin speed climbing like an animal!

Men’s Speed Results
1. Alex Johnson
2. Joshua Levin
3. Charlie Andrews-Jubelt
4. Shane Puccio Southern Rock
5. Dominic Labarge Team Texas
6. Julian Boyd Team Texas
7. Josh Larson MetroRock
8. Collier Skinn Team
9. Michael O’Rourke
10. Vasya Vorotnikov 
11. Canon Huse
12. Dalan Faulkner

Francesca Metcalf and Jacquelyn Wu competing for speed.

Women’s Speed Results
1. Danielle Rogan
2. Jacquelyn Wu
3. Kyra Condie
4. Delaney Miller
5. Francesca Metcalf Stone Summit
6. Tegan Wilson
7. Michaela Kiersch
8. Elizabeth Tamez
9. Olivia Metcalf MetroRock
10. Amelia Metcalf MetroRock
11.Sasha Digiulian
12. Angela Payne