UK to Host Deep Water Soloing Comp This Summer


With all the excitement around the first deep water soloing comp that took place in Bilbao, Spain in 2010 and last year’s huge deep water wall in Park City, Utah, it comes as no surprise that a third DWS comp is popping up this summer. The Quay Climbing Center and Entre-Prises UK have revealed the design of their DWS competition wall. The event will take place on August 30 and 31 outside of The Quay’s facility in Exeter’s canal basin. Qualifying rounds will take place throughout the day on the Saturday with semi‐finals and finals held on the Sunday. Only 150 space will be open to competitors with 30 of those spots going to the UK’s top climbers. Registration should start at some point this month and is open to ages 12+.

The wall itself will be 40 feet wide and about 32 feet tall with grades ranging from V1 to V14. Three competitors will be able to compete simultaneously in timed rounds. More to come.