UBC Finals and the end of the Nor’easter

The sun is out, and folks are walking around. Fall is in full bloom here in the Northeast, the leaves are bright and vibrant and the weather is mild! Great day to be out and walking around talking with climbers and premier outdoor brands! 

We had a chance to catch up with Daniel Woods who says “The Northeast climbing scene is rad and the Nor’easter this year is awesome; the weather is perfect. I was here two years ago with all the rain, but even then it was still great.”

The UBC Finals came in too, for the men Ethan Pringle came in 1st, Brian Kim came in 2nd, and Daniel Woods came in 3rd.

For the women Alex Johnson came in first, Francesca Metcalf came in 2nd, and Angela Payne came in third.

It was quite the event, Daniel Woods came back in the last seconds to pull out a crazy third place finish and Ethan Pringle makes an outstanding performance after healing from a major shoulder injury. Alex Johnson made all the problems look super easy with her long reaches and expert technique, super fun to watch! Check out the Nor’easter photos.


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