Tri-State Bouldering Series

It’s the time of the season when the bouldering competitions get into action.  Competitors from all over the region vie to become a champion at one or more of the many comps produced in the northeast.  Every year many independently owned or franchise gyms hold some pretty badass bouldering comps that dole out thousands of dollars in cold hard cash and prizes.  All of the comps and comp series, for the most part, are held within their own franchise.  One particular series that is breaking this mold is the Tri-State Bouldering Series (TBS) presented by SCARPA and Organic Climbing.

The series stands out from the others since the TBS is a multi-gym collaboration held at three independently owned and operated gyms.  I was able to talk with the co-creator of this event, Paul Jung, to find out more about this unique comp series.  Paul and Kary Williams, the GM of the Cliffs, discussed holding a comp that was more interactive and involved with the regional climbing community in the northeast.  The essence of climbing in the northeast has always been community focused, which is why Paul and Kary wanted to bring the community together in a fun and exciting comp series.

The Cliffs LIC

The TBS consists of three qualifying comps in three different states in the northeast: The Brawl at the New Jersey Rock Gym in New Jersey; Power Struggle at Prime Climb in Connecticut; and Feats of Strength at The Cliffs at Valhalla in New York.  A finals comp held at The Cliffs at LIC in New York will crown the ultimate champion of the Tri-State Bouldering Series.  The winner in the open/pro category of the qualifying comps get an automatic bid to the ultimate finals comp held at The Cliffs LIC with the finalists competing for a $5,000 cash purse!  But that’s not where the awesomeness ends!

The citizens category also has a championship style aspect. Citizens can compete at any individual comp or as a series with a chance to win the overall TBS championship. To qualify, the competitor has to participate in at least 2 of the 3 qualifiers plus the TBS Championships at LIC for a chance to win the overall TBS championship title and grand prize: An annual membership to all 4 gyms!  Even the citizens competitors have a chance to win big like the pros!


If you’re in the northeast and you’re down for the comp scene, you have to check out this series!  Here’s the rundown on the comp schedule:

1st stop: The Brawl @ NJRG, NJ
November 21, 2015

2nd stop: Power Struggle @ Prime Climb, CT
January 16, 2016

3rd stop: Feats of Strength @ The Cliffs at Valhalla, NY
February 20, 2016

Finals: The Tri-State Bouldering Championships @ The Cliffs at LIC, NY.
March 11+12, 2016

Be sure to check out the details on the TBS website designed by Mike Kim!

Photos courtesy of the Cliffs.  Poster designed by Mike Kim.  A huge thanks to Paul Jung for providing Climberism with the comp details!