The Prime Directive M10+


Matt McCormick on The Prime Directive (M10+). [Photo] Jeremy Dowdy

Matt McCormick has added a new and very cool looking M10+ to Vermont’s semi-short but growing list of hard mixed routes. McCormick was able to top out on his fourth go overall and on his first try this past weekend, dubbing the new line The Prime Directive (M10+). “It about 80′ of overhanging drytooling,” McCormick describes. “Then it tops out on a 25 foot ice pillar.”

It was first bolted by Timmy Heggeny a few years ago but nobody climbed it. With Heggeny’s permission, McCormick made short work of the route and then moved on to Alien Nation (M10), topping that route out on the same day. “The start has a couple of really cool, big, dynamic moves,” McCormick says. “It then requires continuously big pulls to the finishing ice pillar.”

As for the, “The Prime Directive,” originated from the Prime Directive of Star Trek’s Starfleet and their General Order number one. The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations.

Jeremy Dowdy, Michael Wejchert and Kevin Mahoney were all witness to Matt’s new route. Wejchert as joined in on the fun by sending SNRS (M8+) and so did Mahoney by also climbing Alien Nation. Nice work fellas.