The Gunks Climbers Coalition to Develop New Bouldering in Giant’s Ledges/Rosendale Waterworks Area

New Paltz, New York

The Gunks Climbers Coalition has working to develop and open a new climbing/bouldering park in the Giant’s Ledges/Rosendale Waterworks area just north of the Gunks. They are throwing a party at 424 Williams Lake Rd, in Rosendale, NY on the beautiful Williams Lake Property on May 22nd for all you boulder heads out there. So come speak drunken gibberish with the GCC, the Mohonk Preserve and the Access Fun. They are staging the event from 6-10 pm, and $25 dollars gets you in for food, and drinks. Get psyched on Big Up Production climbing videos and hang with other climbers. But keep your pants on, this area is still closed, the event is to fundraise the dinero for negotiations with the landowners, and for development costs. So be prepared to fork over your savings and your CC #’s. If your still not convinced to write the check than watch the recent PR footage of the area taken, of course, with permission from the landowners. For more beta on the party and ways to help out check out the Gunks Climbers Coalition website.

A day of climbing at a soon to be opened area in the Gunks called Waterworks.

Go visit GCC website and support your climbing area, ya fairies.