Support Eagle’s Bluff Access


by Benjamin Smith

Don Nelligan, with support from other climbers, purchased the land in the mid 90s to preserve it for climbing.  Don passed away last August, and a week later his father passed away.  This was a very difficult time for the family and they now wish to sell the land, and they are giving us the first chance to purchase it because they care about Don’s wishes.The parcel of land is about 150 acres and is valued from $600-$1000 an acre. It borders the Shipley Trust, Eagle’s gift is the border of the cliff, which is a 1000 acre conservation trust. The bluff is protected from being developed as a wind turbine sight.The Clifton Climbers Alliance (LLC) was initiated by Jason Nissen, John Crocker, Jeremy Robichaud, Jim Campbell and with the help of Ben Townsend. This gave the climbing community a legal entity to collect money and enter negotiations as well as hold a purchase option agreement.

The family has settled on $125,000 as a price for the land and the total project will likely be about $150,000. We are working on getting a purchase option signed with the family which will give us the option, but not require us to buy the land.

The Access Fund is able to provide a three-year loan at ~3% interest rate.  We are in the process of attaining grants and doing various fundraising events, but much of our climbing community is unaware.  Thus, your help will be advantageous.

On March 29th, Ed Webster will host a slideshow/lecture on the climbing history in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at the University of Southern Maine Planetarium.

The second event is a climbing competition to be held at the Maine Rock Gym Friday, May 23rd.