Stoked 5.11 Whitestone Cliff, CT

There is something about global warming that makes me feel guilty enjoying 50 degree temperatures in January. While most of us take advantage of such prime conditions, in the back of our minds, we are all thinking the same thing… Anyway, global warming or not, it didn’t stop Chris Bridge from plugging and playing on this 5.11 on Whitestone Cliff in Connecticut.

“I worked it back in the summer and had my friend Christopher Beauchamp shoot it, but it didn’t come out good with the trees. He was away ice climbing the past weekend so I handed my friend my flip camera. It’s at Whitestone Cliff, located in Waterbury CT and it’s in the CT guide book labeled as a 5.11 TR. As long as the sun is out, that place will be warm. It’s a nice small crag that not many people go to.”


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