Smuggs Ice Bash Mutli-Media Presentation

I was running late, and trying to find the motivation to go out in the sub-zero weather. I have had my fare share of days climbing and working in sub-zero temps, and it is avoided unless I’m topping out a first ascent on an Alaskan peak. It’s been like this for about 5 days now, and reminds of a week long of adventure skiing in Colorado with a buddy visiting for 2 weeks. He flew in right as the coldest weather of the year settled in. We got up early everyday, car barely starting, in the blistering wind, and climbed crusty iced over snow, searching for whatever we could find, it was brutal.

These last few days have been cold real cold and the Ice Bash did well. They expected more then 100 climbers to show up. You can check out some of Friday’s climbing footage here.

If you missed out on the “Northern Revival” multi-media presentation on Saturday, hosted by Matt McCormick, that’s to bad. It was a great slide-show. The downstairs of The Brewski Pub and Grill was packed with fellow ice climbers, rock climbers, and mountaineers alike. The inspiring determination felt in the photos and video represented the climbing world of the Northeast well. Big companies including La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Crag Vermont, OR, and Mammut we’re sponsoring the event. There are many more ice festivals going on this year so get out and participate in one close to you! February 3-5 is Mount Washington’s Ice Festival, check it out if you can, we will be there!