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I was ice climbing in the Birch Tree area of Mt. Tom yesterday, February 28th, and had my red 50L BD Predator Pack stolen from the top of the climbing area. After hiking in, I stashed my pack off trail and out of sight before rappelling to the bottom of the climbing area - this was probably around 2 o'clock. I climbed back up to retrieve my pack around 5PM to find only its imprint in the snow where I left it.

Inside the pack was a friend's Petzl crampon pouch (Ben written in permanent marker on the side), a blue/gray Patagonia Houdini, 4 BD ice screws, a BD ice screw carrier, 12 Wild Country Helium Draws, 7 "alpine draws made of BD Hotwire biners and Mammut dyneema slings, a few double length slings and small BD lockers.

If you have any info, please PM me. Thanks.