Scottish Climber Falls 1000 Feet and Lives!

Scottish Climber Falls 1,000 ft Down Rocky Face….And Lives

In a scene straight out of Looney Tunes (google it if you’re too young for the reference, child) Adam Potter, a Scottish mountaineer and landfill manager from Glasgow slipped on a piece of ice while climbing in the Highlands this past Saturday. Unfortunately for him, his crampons and axe were in his backpack and he had no way of stopping a very, very scary fall. Potter fell a total of 1,000 feet and amazingly suffered only scrapes and bruises.

He was climbing Sgurr Choinnich Mor, which means “watch out for that ice!” in Gaelic (note: its actually “big rocky peak of the moss”). The 3,500 ft mountain is about 5 miles east of Ben Nevis on the Grey Corries Ridge. In what has to be a nightmare for most mountaineers, Potter started falling after slipping and just couldn’t stop. After 1,000 feet of Wile E. Coyote-esque tumbles and three 100-foot cliffs, Potter was finally knocked out. A Royal Navy chopper was sent to recover what everyone thought would be a mashed up and bloody dead guy, but instead found the Scot standing up on a patch of snow reading a map.

He’s out of the hospital now (and probably drinking lots of scotch) after falling the length of the Eiffel Tower, and you can catch a video of his bloody mug below. What’s up next for Adam Potter? He’ll be training for a summit of Everest. Hopefully he wears his crampons for that one.

What’s your scariest fall or close call? Post below!