Rock Climbing Training

Training for rock climbing is easier said then done for most people and since Spring is here I thought it might be helpful to provide some info.

I always said, “ok today is the day I will train, no climbing, just training” but then when I would get to the gym and I would just climb. I think it was a lack of knowledge more then anything. I didn’t know what exercises to focus on in order to get stronger and improve my climbing. I have since talked to some local climbers at the gym, and gained some real insight on what types of training to practice. I have also been doing a lot of research online. I compiled a few websites that might help with gaining some insight into what you should start working on in order to improve your climbing. I am no expert trainer nor do I try to be, but it is fun and since I have started my own training I save seen big improvement. Check out what these guys have to say, they are the real experts.


Matt McCormick

“Like most anyone who climbs, I have always been interested in ways to improve my performance on the rock, ice and mixed terrain. With a degree in Physical Education and a strong background in exercise physiology, I have naturally taken my knowledge of physical training and applied it to my training for climbing. Over the last several years I have used my knowledge and research to create many training programs for myself and friends which have seen tremendous results.”

Climb Strong

“You‚Äôre strong, no doubt. You‚Äôre way¬†stronger¬†in the gym than most of the guys you climb with at the crag, but they routinely burn you off out there. There‚Äôs got to be something they have figured out that you haven‚Äôt.”


Online Climbing Coach

Dave MacLeod’s Blog

Both the websites are great for training information, both written by Dave MacLeod. They feature intelligent training information and great books to check out to take the next step on your own.

If you are not looking for website information and maybe looking for some books to read, I own both these books and have recommended them to friends.

- Performance Rock Climbing Р

The Self-Coached Climber: The Guide to Movement Training Performance –