Primus EtaSolo Stove Review

The northeast is known for its stellar ice climbing but it is also known for being bitterly cold. I usually remedy the bitterness by carrying a thermos with me for instant warmth, but if you’re ice climbing in a remote part of the Adirondacks, a thermos is only going to go so far. The Primus EtaSolo Stove is great for a quick snow melt and tea brew.

What if you’re on the winter presidential traverse in the Whites and need to melt some snow quickly? The last thing you want to do is worry about priming a canister or that the heat isn’t concentrated enough for a fast boil time. Using the award-winning Eta technology found in the Primus burner and heat exchanger, the EtaSolo has a high-efficiency rate which ensures it can boil half a liter of water in around two minutes: great if you need your cup of Joe fast or want to warm up some soup in a pinch. It’s pretty stable when windy, but, as with most stoves, use a windscreen. The idea behind the EtaSolo is simple: quick and easy. You don’t want to worry about slow boiling times when dealing with freezing digets,¬†especially¬†on an excusrion like the presi traverse.

The EtaSolo is light weighing in at only 12.9 oz and measures 4.1″ x 6.1.” It is suitable for one to two people, according to Primus, and pretty easy to set up, which is perfect for your big wall training on Cannon and hanging out on your portaledge. Using a quick click mechanism, the stove can be up and running in a few seconds. It comes with a wrap-around heat-resistant cover with a built-in handle. The pot has a special opening for drinking hot tea or coffee, helping to avoid any spillages. The burner and gas cartridge are stored neatly in the pot to save space. Our only gripe with the stove is that there are some loose pieces around the burner that seem like the could have been made stationary. We avoided loosing them by taking them out and using the stove with them.

What do you get for your 99 bucks? A burner with piezo ignition, base with included windscreen, 0.9 liter hard anodized pot with volume measurements, Eta technology heat exchanger, lid with sipper, cartridge footrest, suspension kit, detachable pan supports for using larger pots and a heat-resistant cover with built-in handle. Is it worth it? Its quick boiling time, durability and high-efficiency make this a stove to think about next time you’re in the market for a new stove.