Powerlinez to Reopen on May 1st!

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Just a few days ago we published an article about the future of Torne Mountain climbing and the access issues that the Torn Valley Climber’s Coalition (TVCC) was having with an area called the Powerlinez. The area was originally closed due to a long standing regulation by the property owner, Palisades Interstate Parks Commission (PIPC), however the area is now going to be open on May first!

“Continuation of rock climbing opportunities within the Torne Valley Area will be contingent upon a demonstrated and consistent support from the climbing community for the programs established in this plan and compliance with rules and restrictions established. As climbers, we recognize that we must be partners with PIPC, and we have a responsibility to respect and protect the  natural ares we climb in.”

Thanks to the cooperation of the PIPC, climbing will be accessible in the Powerlinez area provided climbers are respectful of the property. The TVCC partnered with the PIPC to create a climbing management plan that does include some out of bounds areas. Technical climbing is only permitted on the south and east ramparts of the Wrightman’s Plateau area of Harriman State Park, extending to Torne Brook Road, and it is noted that climbers should only access these areas through Torne Brook Road, as well as only park int hat area, or in other legal locations.

Congratulations to the Torne Valley Climber’s Coalition,  and everyone who pulled in the right direction!

All you’ve got to do is sign a waiver and hand it in, and you’ll get an annual permit that you can carry with you.  No fee. The waivers are now available at The Gravity Vault, and will be available at Rock and Snow, the NJRG and other places around the region. For more info on where you find the waiver check in to their Facebook page.

Please read the attached info and support this incredible opportunity.  We are the first area and group of climbers with which The Palisades Interstate Park Commission has partnered.  It’s a real honor.  Stay informed and climb free!

Other Key Notes:
1.  Access Path Has Changed – It now goes up the dirt road by the river.  We do not have permission to use the old access path.
2.  Off Limits Boulders – we do not have permission to use the West End Wall, on the far West side of the Boulder Road,  before you get to the open swath (South) of the Powerlinez.
3.  No Bolts, Pitons, Chipping.  Clean climbing!

Basically think Peterskill with no fee,  read the attached Press Release, and THANKS!