Powerlinez Closed to Climbers

After many years of offering top-notch climbing to members of the Hudson Valley region, the Powerlinez climbing area is, as of now, closed to climbers. This decision has been handed down from the Palisades Interstate Parks Commission following a town meeting held in January. It appears as though the verdict comes as a result of a lack of proper care of the area, which has led to concerns of climbers’ safety. Climbers who are found in the area will be escorted out by parks police and may face hefty fines.

The popularity of the Powerlinez is often overshadowed by the larger more popular Gunks, located about an hour north. Nevertheless, the Powerlinez has, according to an informal guidebook, around 300 boulder problems, 50 short climbs and is the home of some all around great rock. Although overlooked by some, the Powerlinez (only half an hour away from New York City) is a great get away climbing spot for many; not to mention host to a strong local climbing community.

Even though the area is currently closed to climbers, there is still hope for the future. There is a possibility that if an organization dedicated to maintaining the area can be formed, that the Palisades Interstate Parks Commission may reconsider its ruling. The decision represents a sad loss for climbers in the area, yet there is still an opportunity for change and hopefully in the near future Powerlinez will be back on its way to becoming a widely recognized climbing area.

Photo courtesy of: Jesse Littleton http://gunksterpuller.blogspot.com


  • Gabe Miani says:

    Appreciate the spotlight on the situation but just want to clarify a couple things. One…climbing was banned due to a long-standing regulation by the property owner, PIPC, not negligence or safety issues from climbers. Two…we have already begun organizing under the name Torne Valley Climbers’ Coalition. Please follow us on the Powerlinez Facebook page for updates and how anyone can help as we prepare to appeal to the property owners for legal access. The more folks we have on our side the better! Thanks again.

  • Hey Gabe, thanks for the clarification. Glad to know you guys are coming together on this. I’d like to chat with you so I’ll shoot you an email shortly.

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