On My Feet: A Pair of Five Ten Anasazi Guides


Over the last several months I’ve been slipping my feet into Five Ten’s Anasazi Guide climbing shoes. It’s taken me a long time to find a shoe that I can wear all day without having to take them off…too much.

I’d much rather go climb some splitter cracks, or wandering alpine routes, and the Anasazi climbing shoe fits that bill pretty nicely. They fit my big-ass foot well, with only a couple hotspots that make my teeth grind after wearing them for a while. And, aside from not preforming well on small edges or tight cracks where you would like to really dig that big toe in, I would put these shoes in an “all-arounder” category that climb just about anything well. I could climb small to large hand cracks with these all day. They are rugged enough to take the abuse and stiff enough so it wouldn’t be all that painful.

If I had to compare them to other shoes, I’d say they are a more technical and stiffer La Sportiva Mytho, but a little less technical than the Katanas. As for sizing, I am wearing my street shoe size and they’ve stretched very little. They are comfortable but my flat foot and big toes have a hard time in most shoes, so I am not surprised that after wearing them for a few pitches I need to take them off for a breather.

This is a great shoe, I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive….

Where to find it:

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