New Magnetron Carabiner Technology from Black Diamond

In an industry where all the gear and technology is nearly the same, it forces innovating ideas. Black Diamond recently unveiled two new carabiners — the Magnetron GridLock and the Magnetron RockLock — they’re calling it a “game-changing advancement.” Utilizing their new Magnetron Technology, Black Diamond has once again pushed the boundaries of the industry. The new carabiners do not use a twist locking system nor a screw gate system, but instead, they utilize magnets to secure the gate from opening.

Some key information from Black Diamond:

  • Magnetic attraction to a steel insert in the carabiner nose keeps two independent arms securely locked
  • Locking arms must be individually depressed before the gate can be opened
  • Once open, opposing magnetic fields repel the arms to ensure smooth and reliable gate operation
  • Symmetrical design allows for easy one-handed operation (right or left)

No word on cost or weight, but we’ll keep you posted on the latest updates. We will be at the Outdoor Retailer this year in Salt Lake City checking out all the new gear and giving you a behind the scene peek.

Check out the video for a full description and sneak peek into what you can expect in stores July 2012.