New Black Diamond Ice Axes Coming – The Fuel

It appears Black Diamond has been working on a new ice tool they have dubbed The Fuel. Prototypes/samples were given to BD athletes during the 2013 Bozeman Ice Fest, last week. It’s hard to compare these to another tool without actually having them in my hand or give any kind of opinion at this point. Nonetheless, they look fun and it’s exciting to see a new tool being developed and I am already anxious to check them out at Winter OR next month—if they are there. More to come.

will gadd with black diamond the fuel ice axe

Will Gadd instagraming a pic of The Fuel with another BD employee. [Photo] Will Gadd/Instagram

Ines papert climbing black diamond the fuel Ice Axe

Ines Papert swinging The Fuel during the 2013 Bozeman Ice Fest. [Photo] Bozeman Ice Fest/ Ben Herndon