New (And Massive) Climbing Facility In The Bronx?


There is a battle raging in the Bronx. Investment bankers versus climbers. Ice Hockey plaza or world’s tallest indoor climbing wall.

Young Woo & Associates has partnered with Brooklyn Boulders to take on Wall Street Banker Kevin Parker in the bid for Kingsbridge Armory, a vacant fortress of a building, and the object of every developer’s desire.

Young Woo’s plan is to create a mixed-use entertainment facility with stores a movie theatre, and a restaurants in addition to a massive climbing facility. In an article with the Daily News, Brooklyn Boulder’s co-founder Lann Pinn said “This unique building will allows us to build the tallest indoor climbing wall in the world, instantly putting the facility on the international stage as the premier destination for the worlds greatest climbers to train and compete.” Woo’s Plan also includes a town square of sorts that would host cultural events as well as a weekend market and an agreement with Crunch fitness club.

On the other side of the tug-of-war rope? Young Woo’s main competitor: Kevin Parker whose plan is to use the building for an ice sports complex to rival Schwan Super Rink in Blaine, MN.


Apparently the ice center proposal was an early bird bid after Bronx officials were taken on a tour of a youth hockey program in Philly. Kevin Parker claims he wants to create a similar program to  this with the addition of an academic tutoring facility for the Bronx youth. I don’t know how much tutoring is actually going to happen with all those hockey rinks around…

A decision could be released as soon as next month and although a climbing gym would obviously be the best choice, both contenders far outweigh Bloomberg’s original idea – a large shopping mall.


  • Anthony Baraff says:

    I’d certainly like to see a climbing wall go in there, but you should probably do some research on Kevin Parker before you treat him like some sort of robber baron. He’s had a pretty impressive record of philanthropy and shouldn’t be treated with so much innuendo when (based on his track record) is in all likelihood trying to do something that will be good for the community.

  • I don’t think we expressed any “robber baron” opinion toward Parker. We would much rather see a climbing facility than a ice rink. Nowhere in the article did we express innuendo toward him. It is not our fault that Wall Street has tainted itself.

  • Anthony Baraff says:

    “There is a battle raging in the Bronx. Investment bankers versus climbers.”

    Parker is not an Investment Banker. Though he does head Asset Management for a bank.

    “Kevin Parker claims he wants to..”
    “I don’t know how much tutoring is actually going to happen with all those hockey rinks around…”

    I think there is a ton of innuendo in those two statements.

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