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New 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van Coming in 2015

Brian Fencil December 16, 2013 Latest News


Rumors are spreading that Mercedes is releasing an updated version of their popular Sprinter van in America in 2015. These rumors are just rumors at the moment. The new Sprinter features the same cozy euro-style dirtbag accommodations as the two-wheel drive version, but with a few upgrades.

The new Sprinter would address the crappy rear-wheel handling with a four-wheel drive option and it would come with an extra four inches of ground clearance and new bumpers. The van burns diesel, and has three sizes of engines; the smallest a fuel sipping 2.1 liters and the largest is a 3 liter engine with almost 200 horse power.

The interior received a few small upgrades too: chrome trim around air vents, a new upholstery and certainly nicer than many no-name-motels along the interstate. The four-wheel drive version of the Sprinter has been available in Europe and has been selling for about 10,000 dollars more than the two-wheel drive version. American buyers can expect a similar markup, if they even make it here. Not that I would really be able to afford this, but $50,000 is cheaper than a house….

  • Greg Keith

    Brian – Maybe not a brand-spanking-new Sprinter, but a Sprinter is still the best base van to turn into a camper van in North America, and there’s plenty of older ones for sale. And you probably won’t find one for $3K like my first ’77 Dodge camper van, but a Sprinter gets 20mpg, not 8mpg!

    I’ve got a dozen examples of DIY Sprinter camper vans on my Sprinter RV Web site, from dirtbag to deluxe, many by climbers:

    Greg Keith
    Boulder, CO