Nathalie Malo Climbs Toit de Ben 5.13a in Val David, Quebec


Nathalie Malo Photo Andrew Burr

Nathalie Malo, who has only been climbing for four years, has climbed Toit de Ben, a 5.13a roof in Val David, Quebec; snagging the first female ascent! Another notable ascent of hers is the 5.12d/5.13a super long Zombie Roof in Squamish. Malo says she will try the famous La Z√©br√©e in the Val David next year, as it is too wet now. She is currently living out of her van, (by choice) climbing most days and plans to head south checking out hot spots and ticking off hard climbs on her way. She is hoping to inspire more women to push themselves and get out climbing. Look for the interview in next month’s Climberism Issue #3! Way to go Nath!






Check out the video of “Peewee” on the Route Natalie just nabbed – Toit de Ben

Nathalie making easy work of the Zombie Roof (5.12d/5.13a) in Squamish!

Jeff Beaulieu can be seen working La Z√©br√©e in Val-David, Quebec; a project Malo plans to take on next year. Beaulieu was the first ascentionist, pre-placing all his gear before sending it in 2004. In 2007, Jean-Pierre “Peewee” Ouellette climbed the route free but not without controversy over pre-placing the first piece of gear to avoid a bad fall.

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  • Josh V. says:

    Yeah dude, the Val is sweet, has sick Bouldering too! That PeeWee guy is flipping nuts too. I have run into him a couple times up there marchin around like an ant man!

  • climberism says:

    Nice, this past weekend I heard a few people were headed up there. I spend so much time behind a desk it makes me wondering if I am ever going to get out climbing again!

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