Mugs Stump Climbing Award

Starting on October 1st 2011, climbers will have the opportunity to apply for part of $25,000 available through the 2012 Mugs Stump Alpine Climbing Award. Deadline for all applicants is December 15th, 2011. To review past awards and trip reports I encourage you to take a look at the award website:

The award was created in memory of the prolific Mugs Stump, who tragically perished in a crevasse fall while on a trip in Alaska. To help carry on his legacy, the Mugs Stump Award was created. Climbers applying for alpine first ascent attempts and alpine style climbs are given special consideration as Mugs was best known for his alpine climbing.

Why You Should Apply:

The majority of climbers don’t know about these types of resources so only a few apply.

Why it Makes Sense:

If you are planning a climbing trip, it only makes sense to apply for grants to help make your trip come true. The application process is very simple and straightforward.

About the Mugs Stump Award:

All of the alpine objectives awarded embody the spirit of the late Mugs Stump. Mugs Stump was best known for his first ascent of the Emperor Face on Mount Robson in the Canadian Rockies and a triptych of brilliant Alaskan climbs—the East Face of the Moose’s Tooth, the Moonflower Buttress on Mount Hunter, and a one-day solo of Denali’s Cassin Ridge. He sought out striking and highly technical objectives, preferably first ascents, in some of the most remote mountains of the world. Mugs saw climbing as a celebration of boldness, purity, and simplicity.

Applications are reviewed for how they further the legacy of Mugs Stump with climbs proposed in the spirit of adventure and exploration, and that emphasize light, fast, leave-no-trace climbing. Award applicants are evaluated on the strength of their objective, the strength of their team, and on an objective that raises the bar defining what is possible in alpinism today. For more information on the award, past recipients and their trip reports visit Applications are due by December 1 and trips must be taken between March, of the year awarded, and the following February. Winners will be announced by January 31st of each year.