Movie Review: The Network

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“All climbers are connected with one another not just through a shared passion, but through common bonds. They meet at the same places, climb the same routes, and bump into members of the community in the strangest locations, all over the globe. From weekend warriors, to professional athletes, the’re all part of the network. expanding out fromt he competitions, fromt he climbing world cup to the rock faces around the world, the energy of the network moves like a force through the climbing community. Before there were websites for slander and spray, before there were pro blogs and video beta, before Facebook and text messaging, there was already a network in place connecting climbers all over the world to the spirit of a shared passion.” 

The second I saw the insane trailer for Chuck Fryberger’s new movie The Network, I got on the inter-webs for Fryberger’s email and wrangled myself a copy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie mainly followed my favorite competition couple, Anna Stohr and Killian Fischhuber, as they ventured from the competition season to the off season, catching up with their network of friends in places from Colorado to Australia. Dave Graham, Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods, Sean McColl, Nalle Hukkataival and Ian Dory are a few big names you’ll see along their journey.

Some highlights of the movie start with one of my favorite parts of any climbing movie, the soundtrack. I’ve spent so many hours trying to decipher lyrics from the most badass scenes in this film, typing them into google, hoping that there will be some song match so I can get pumped on my own sends.

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I also love how much on screen time Anna Stohr gets in this film, I love seeing women climbers, especially those like Anna who crush so much harder than most males around the world. I know I’m going to reread this next sentence in a few months and want to kick myself for sounding so cliche, but seriously, it is really empowering to see women climbing so hard, and all of the progression that has been put into the sport, even within the last year with epic sends from Sash DiGiulian and Ashima Shiraishi.

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This is not a film to be missed, Daniel Woods and Sean McColl put up some epic sends on projects with moves that will blow your mind such as McColl on New Baseline 8B+ in the above photo. It’s always a trip watching the best climbers in the world work some of the hardest problems in the world and this latest Fryberger film is just as epic as it’s trailer edit.

Check out the trailer below and head to to purchase the full length movie (which I highly reccomend):