Men’s Dark Horse Photo Gallery

Here are the Men’s results and photos from the November 16 Dark Horse comp in Newburyport, Ma. Nick Picarella rose to the top in incredible fashion. He flashed problem #1, #2 (I think) and #3. Problem #4 stunted all competitors. Had Vasya topped that one out I think he could have brought home the win. Tim Rose climbed well too. His attitude was awesome, even for coming in fifth. The guy is jacked and he was awesome to watch give it his all. Well done, Tim and all the competitors. Psyched for the next round.

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1) Nick Picarella
2) Vasya Vorotnikov
3) Peter Dixon
4) Michael O’Rourke
5) Timothy Rose
6) Noah Ridge

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”,Newburyport,+MA&cid=0,0,14176427826230420656&ei=WYiKUu3UNYna4AOVz4H4Cw&ved=0CKsBEPwSMA0″]
[vimeo id=”79821038″ width=”620″ height=”360″]