Kids These Days

What is up with the youth of today? Is there something about this generation of iPad toting toddlers that allows them climb so hard? If you’ve been on the site lately, you may have noticed posts about Mirko Caballero, the 11-year-old who recently sent his first V12, and Ashima Shiraishi, who repeated Crown of Aragorn (V13) and won the youth female division of the ABS nationals. The next installment in what seems to be a series of young climbing wonder-kids is Alex Waterhouse from Plymouth Devon, UK. Alex is 14 and just ticked off Cider Soak (8a) and Pet Cemetery (8a+).

This is quite an impressive feat for someone that young, and in reference to Pet Cemetery, Alex said: “First 8a+, didn’t really feel that bad and definitely not at my limit!”. Check out Alex’s blog for more updates, and here’s a short clip (warning, it’s not the best quality) of him on Cider Soak. Who knows what will come next in the world of young climbing savants!


  • Thomas says:

    Ashima Shiraishi has now sent another two V13 in the Rocklands, and Mirko Caballero has sent his second 8b+ in Rodellar. This kid is as amazing a sport climber as he’s a boulderer!

  • yup, things are getting crazy. Ashima is going to be a beast when she reaches her prime, I can’t wait.

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