Kammok Roo Camping Hammock

Here in our Gear Talk section, we bring you reviews and highlights of the latest climbing and lifestyle gear. The products that come through our shop range from ropes and shoes to jackets and water bottles. Everything we write about goes through a rigorous testing process and there are a few ways the gear finds its way to Climberism’s heart: durability, innovation and corporate responsibility. We’re stoked when a company comes out with a bomber jacket that’s waterproof, fireproof and doubles as a parachute, but when it’s made without recycled material by a child in a third-world country, we’re bound to be disappointed.

Enter Kammok. They’re a Texas-based company who started last year with a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $200,000 and became one of the most successful projects on the site. Kammok makes a hammock called the Roo, and they’ve been committed to corporate responsibility from the get-go. They aim to give 20% of their profits to humanitarian aid, and they partnered with MiiR water bottles for their Kickstarter campaign, giving clean water to hundreds of people  in the process.

With the Kammok Roo, the company is partnering with Malaria No More and donating a mosquito net to a family in Africa for every hammock they sell. The Roo is a pretty sweet hammock. It’s made of LunarWave fabric, which is lightweight, breathable and tear resistant. The mosquito swarms weren’t able to bite us through the fabric, and the material has held up well to the inevitable abuse it’s taken, including being left out in the rain and stuffed into a pack full of climbing gear.

We got ours late fall of last year and set it up in the backyard and also took it on a climbing trip to Maine. The Python straps that come with it are 10-foot daisy chains with 18 points of connection each and connect to the hammock with a wire-gate carabiner, each rated for 250 pounds. Setup is a breeze and the hammock is comfortable–whether after day at Katahdin or getting yelled at by the boss at Climberism, it’s the perfect place to sit back, pop open a beer (or book) and relax. The hammock and straps pack up neatly into waterproof pouches, and are about the size of a small loaf of bread, weighing in at 22oz.

We did find the hammock pouch to be a bit overdone. It closes with two buckles that cinch it all down, but once opened there’s another drawstring to undo before you can get to the hammok itself. It’s a nice feature to have the pouch be waterproof, but ours was always stashed inside our pack. For us taller folk–I’m 6-foot–you’ll need to attach the straps to your anchor at least 6 feet high because the Roo is really long. Not necessarily a complaint, but something to be aware of so you don’t get it all set up and end up with your ass scratching sticks all night.

The Kammok Roo will cost you $99 through their website.

For more information on Kammok’s partnership with Malaria No More, read on.

Malaria No More is a non-profit organization determined to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. Along with their partner organizations they areworking hard to empower local action. One way this is happening is by providing information about the effectiveness of long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets, as well as educating families, communities, and governments in Africa. This education helps people understand the causes of malaria and how to prevent its’ spread from killing many more.

“We are a brand that focuses on three initiatives: Give, Develop and Sustain. We believe in giving a ‘Hand Up’ rather than a ‘Hand Out’; therefore we are committed to educating Africans on the causes and ways to protect against this terrible disease. We are incredibly excited about this partnership because it embodies our original dream to help end child deaths from vector-borne diseases like malaria.” Greg McEvilly CEO/Founder Kammok

Malaria kills 781,000 people each year. Ninety-one percent of malaria-related deaths occur in Africa, the majority of whom are children under 5 years of age. Malaria No More is working to make sure that every family in Africa has access to the tools they need to treat, diagnose, and prevent malaria. Malaria No More joins with African leaders in all sectors of society to engage audiences with a locally-driven message in order to change the way African families think about malaria.

In 2012 Kammok will be releasing several new and innovative products that help connect the socially conscious adventurer with people in need. Kammok’s first initiative with Malaria No More is a breakthrough step in a collaborative goal to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.