Joe Kinder Climbs Re-Up 5.14d

New Hampshire’s own Joe Kinder has been spreading his psych from coast to coast. He spends a lot of time in southern Utah, and in 2009 put up the first ascent of Re-Up (5.14d). We interviewed Joe last year and he told us that he really enjoys putting all his focus into one project at a time: “Having all my attention, all my energy into one objective and investing into that–just being intimate with the route, that’s what I like. Establishing a relationship with the route, making it become my whole focus and planning everything around it, I enjoy that stuff. Its kinda freaky and messed up but its my thing.”

Here’s a new video from Kinder of his Re-Up FA. He says of the route, “This is one of my hardest routes that I completed a few years ago. It is located in Southern Utah at the Cathedral. I believe it is one of the greatest new lines on the cliff. I swear that more work put in the better the reward is on hard routes. I was very happy when I pulled this one out.”

Currently Joe is getting is psych up for another Europe tour, catch him as