Jenn Flemming climbing and redpointing freeline (5.13b R) first female ascent

Jenn Flemming climbing the 80 foot Freeline 5.13b (R) in Eldorado Canyon, snagging its first female ascent, which quite possibly could be the hardest trad route led by a female in Eldorado Canyon. Jenn Flemming is climbing and living in Colorado and worked the line for 8 days before eventually sending it.

“This route is technical, balancey, and intricate; a style that females often excel at says Flemming. Getting the first female ascent of Freeline, in a place like Boulder where the level of talent in the female climbing population is astronomical, is something I am truly proud of.”

Flemming originally from Massachusetts had a hard time with placing gear and relaxing. But good weather on send day gave a boost of confidence.

Confident climbing down low was a key ingredient,says Flemming. The top of the route has an exciting little runout over a number-five stopper, and I powered through that part on sheer desire to not take that fall.

Congrats Jenn, we are looking forward to the photos of your hard work!

“Freeline” is the complete first pitch of the original aid route done by Ron Olevsky in the early 1970s (A3 crux right off the ground back then). It has been reported as both the “Olevsky Route” and “Aid Line”.

The first reported free ascent of pitch one was by Justen Sjong in early 2000 (pitch two was freed by Chris Reveley in the 1970s). The crux is still the first 15 feet, then a long 5.12 section to the bolt, then right into the crux of what is now Evictor. – Source: Mountain Project – Comment by: Steve Levin

Date of ascent: March 18, 2010



  • Chris says:

    I don’t get the big deal here? Why does it have to be about first this first that? What ever happened to just climbing? For someone who climbs in Eldo frequently its a bit of a shame to see other climbers hard work over looked. No where in the article from here or does it mention the true hard work of those who pioneered this route!

  • climberism says:

    Hey Chris thanks for the Comment! I added an update for all those interested in knowing some history on the route.

  • Jesse says:

    I believe it is important to celebrate first ascents, whether they are ground-up aid lines, first free ascents or first female ascents. The FA is where standards are set, and when I hear about a new FA I get super psyched to get out there and try it. Plus it pushes the climbing community to get stronger. 5.10, it turns out, was not the limit.

    Anyways, congrats Jenn. Keep crushing.

  • climberism says:

    Jesse, Thanks for the comment. I also feel FA’s are a major aspect of climbing that truly define the sport we love. I love climbing in Colorado and hearing about people pushing their boundaries. It inspires us to do the same and I think it is important to share these types of events.

  • Chris says:

    I was at West Ridge today hiking/bouldering. A climber showed me your line, awesome, so I watched the video. Nice FA Jenn. A good article Mr. Crothers

  • wow, didn’t realize how broken the article was. Thanks for the comment!

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