Jamie Hamilton Whips on The Past Recaptured

You don’t need to have an expensive camera setup to capture the essence of climbing and I’d say Christian Fracchia proves that with just about every video edit he exports.

Here’s one of Fracchia’s latest videos capturing Jamie Hamilton taking a nail-biting whipper on The Past Recaptured (5.12a) Millbrook, Shawangunks, NY. If your computer can handle it, turn on 1080p HD, click the full screen button and go along for the ride.

Source: Christian Fracchia, thewhitecliff.com


  • mechanicalchris says:

    Wow! Looks like me on a 5.5… great video… really captures climbing drama

  • Dave says:

    haha. I agree. Kinda leaves you on the edge of you seat when he is about to fall.

  • Mitch says:

    Great onsight! Jamie,could u contact me in U.K?twitter,@lizarddisco
    Paul Mitchell,gritstone climber

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