Gear Talk: New Black Diamond Camalot X4

Rumor has it that we’re about to see a new addition to Black Diamond’s Camalot family… A meeting is scheduled at the Summer Outdoor Retailer so we can check out Black Diamond’s latest camming arsenal. Meet the the Camalot X4 a 4-lobed camming device that features a protective Stacked Axel Technology. More information to follow soon.

Photo Cred: Black Diamond

A durable, versatile 4-lobed camming unit, the Camalot X4 combines our patent-pending Stacked Axle Technology with a narrow head-width and integrated cam springs to offer an unmatched expansion range than any small cam on the market. Aluminum armor beads protect the cable stem without compromising flexibility. The Camalot X4 is the missing link in the Camalot family of Black Diamond.

Photo Cred to Matt M at MP and discussion:—rumor/107687279__2#a_107692025

Wait for it…


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