Gear Talk: Black Diamond Fuel Ice Tool

It is official, Black Diamond Equipment will unveil their new ice tool they are dubbing the Fuel at Outdoor Retailer next week. We’ll be there and get the full scoop and more information. It doesn’t look like the shaft will be carbon. Instead it will be a hyrdoformed single piece of aluminum. No idea when they will be released but I assume they’ll be available for Fall 2014. In a brief press release, BD had this to say:

“Black Diamond introduces the Fuel ice tool, featuring a lightweight shaft hydroformed from a single piece of aluminum for a lighter feel, superior swing and better handling. ‘No one else in the industry is doing anything like the Fuel’s one-piece hydroformed shaft,’ says Kolin Powick, Black Diamond’s new Category Director for Climbing Equipment. “It’s a quiver of one for the modern winter climber.’ “

black_diamond_equipment_fuel black_diamond_equipment_fuel_ice_tool


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