Gear Talk: A Closer Look at Petzl’s New Crash Pad(s)


Petzl has a few new crash pads they are coming out with at some point this year: Cirro, Alto and Nimbo. They put some serious thought into the design, so I wanted to give you a closer look at what they came up with. At the Winter Outdoor Retailer show this year, I talked with Justin Roth, Petzl’s Communication Manager, about the new pads. Being a boulderer himself, he a some say during the design/testing process. Below is some info I gathered at the show.


The Alto’s folded dimensions are 65 x 100 x 25 cm. The Alto is the smaller of the two pads. [Photo] Petzl

Petzl opted for a taco design with a zipper that runs all the way along the side and bottom of the pad so you can stuff your gear in the opening at the top and go.


Petzl’s Alto crash pad portage system was designed to lay flat when not in use. [Photo] Petzl

When you’re bouldering, the portage system is designed to lay flat and is and protected once the orange flap is unzipped and rezipped around it. See the video below. It is also a very rigged system that allows the pad to move with you so when you’re walking around it doesn’t totally through your balance off. The chest strap and waist belt have large pieces of velcro to secure it around yourself.


Petzl uses a patented folding system with a zippered flap closure that covers the carrying system, for protection and to create some storage space when moving from boulder to boulder. [Photo] Petzl


Three layers of foam of different densities and structures were used in the construction for better cushioning and a one-piece hingeless design was used for uniform cushioning over the entire surface of the pad. [Photo] Petzl


Petzl’s Cirro is the bigger of their two new pads with unfolded dimensions of 148 x 118 x 12.5 cm and folded dimensions of 75 x 118 x 35 cm. [Photo] Petzl


Both the Cirro and the Alto can be used as seats for lounging and the materials they used is waterproof. [Photo] Petzl


Petzl’s Nimbo pad is a back-up for bouldering sit-starts and for protecting a space between two crashpads. [Photo] Petzl put together a solid video of Justin demonstrating the features of their new pad.