Gear Review: Mammut Zephir Harness

By far, my favorite harness that I’ve owned.  Not to say I’ve owned them all, but this is a great harness. Somethings are better left simple, the Zephir is just that — no bells, no whistles.  It is super lightweight, which makes it nice to wear and easy to pack.  It weights in at only 250 grams  without sacrificing strength and still feeling secure.  The low profile design helps it comfortably fit underneath a pack while on the approach or just sitting around waiting for your buddy to quit flailing around so you can send your next project.  The fixed leg loops are comfy and not having to double back is something that I love as well.

While the harness is more geared towards sport climbing it does have enough room on its 4 gear loops to accommodate a decent rack of gear, and if that’s not enough for those of you who bring even the kitchen sink with you up the wall, well that’s what they make those nifty shoulder slings for.

Not many things to say on the con side, unless you’re against the size/weight factor and prefer to climb in something endorsed by the Brawny lumberjack.  The gear loops, while plentiful, are placed a little towards the back which takes some getting used to, but nothing major.  Make sure you size the harness out well as you want those legs loops to fit nicely as there is no adjusting them.

Bottom line: Lightweight but still strong, a great harness for all climbing styles. Easily packable.

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  • Patrick Stoddard says:

    I just bought this harness the other day on Steep and Cheap and was surprised when I saw how skinny the belay loop was. Maybe I just need to have someone take a good fall on it and if they live then I’ll trust it but at the moment my wife is a little squeamish about me belaying her off of it.

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