Gear Review: Lowa Falco Lace Climbing Shoe


Lowa’s first attempt at making climbing shoes didn’t turn out too bad. The Falco has become my go-to shoes for all-day climbing outings. They fit right between aggressive downturns and flat profile climbing shoes. A subtle downturn and a medium-stiff sole gives them enough rigidity for edging on tiny little nothings but the sole is still allows for some flex for smearing. Unlike my aggressive downturns, they are very comfortable and I’ve been leaving them on between pitches. Normally, I regret not airing my sweaty feet but an anti-bacterial lining helps temperature regulation and has kept them from stinking over the last couple of months. The Falco is as comfortable as flat, stiff shoes but outperforms them in every type of climbing.

MSRP $140.00

Performs well in all types of terrain

Long laces

Where to find it:

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