Gear Review: Five Ten Hiangle

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Five Ten’s Hiangle is the latest climbing shoe to come from the brand. It’s meant be worn on more aggressive, “high angle” routes or boulders, hence the name. This shoe has a stiff downturn combined with the popular and proven Stealth C4 rubber. The new approach by 5.10 of having unlined leather in the Hiangle was designed to improve the comfort and breathability of the shoe. The Hiangle is crafted for a climber looking to shed the soft, vertical-climbing-built shoes and move into a more aggressive pair for steeper climbing. The stiff mid-sole has a surprisingly comfortable arch shape to help keep my foot in a downturn position while keeping the heel firmly locked into the heel cup.

After climbing in this shoe for a while, I think 5.10 did a great job of designing this shoe for a climber transitioning from the straight up and down vertical lines to a steeper, more aggressive terrain. The heel cup was solid and sticky without my heel slipping out and was comfortably tight on the fit. It almost felt like cheating on overhang problems with how easy it was to stick my toe on a thin edge. Like other aggressive climbing shoes, the Hiangle’s comfort level diminishes over a short period of time. But hey, climbing shoes aren’t supposed to be known for comfort these days! Also, for the penny pinching climber, this shoe keeps the wallet a little thicker with a slimmer price point (many online sites starting at $120) over other top brands with similar styles.

Overall, the Hiangle is a great shoe design. The slipper style (with velcro tightening strap) is a little difficult to get your foot into but makes for a great fit once on. I really like the design and extra rubber on the toe box is a nice benefit. The Hiangle isn’t perfect for all styles of climbing but it will make a nice tool in a rock climber’s shoe quiver.

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