Gear Review: Cypher Vesta Sport Quickdraw

Once again, here at Climberism, we got to try out some Cypher Climbing gear: the Vesta Sport Quickdraw!   What better timing than right at the start of sport climbing season to put these new quickdraws to work.  The Vesta draws come in a wire-gate or solid-gate carabiner on the rope clipping end with a 12 cm sling between the carabiners.  One of the aspects I really like about this quickdraw is the wide sling with replaceable rubber o-rings that keeps the draw from flipping/twisting while clipping.

We were really stoked to see the keylock system employed on the bent and straight gates (excluding the wire-gate) of the Vesta.  The keylock system is pretty rad because it prevents snagging while clipping and route cleaning.  After using the Vesta sport quickdraws for a week at RRG alongside my Black Diamond and Petzl draws, I really didn’t find any difference in the functionality or performance among them.

The biggest difference with the Cypher Vesta is the price.  Ringing in at 16-17 greenbacks per draw, it beats the competition by about 6-8 bucks.  On a dirtbag income, this is quite the benefit.  Check out the comparison chart below for a few more stats on similar name brand quickdraws.


Overall, the Cypher Vesta Sport Quickdraw appears to be quite worthy to be clipped alongside the other reliable quickdraw brands.  Check out to check out the rest of their gear.