Free Range Turkey – Climbing Video Compilation

The North Face pulled together some of the industries finest climbers, loaded them up with gear, put them on a plane, and sent them to Turkey. Now why in the… would top notch climbers go to Turkey!?!

In the video’s below you can find and watch pro climbers Emily Harrington, Sam Elias, Daniel Woods, Yuji Hiriyama, Eneko Pou and James Person rip it up. Videos brought to you by camp4collection.


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Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #1

Spinning in space 100ft off the ground with a camera is where we expect to be a lot on this expedition: the “Free Range Turkey” trip, a climbing exploration supported by The North Face to Antalaya in southern Turkey.

We will be updating videos live from the field featuring a bad-ass international roster of athletes including: Emily Harrington, Sam Elias, Daniel Woods, Yuji Hiriyama, Eneko Pou and James Person

In this first installment the crew makes the initial journey and gets psyched for the adventure to come.

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Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #2

Getting into the swing of things! Three days of non-stop hard climbing and shooting has pretty much smoked every muscle in our bodies. In this dispatch Sam, Emily and Daniel have back to back sends (climber speak for successful ascents!) of “Freedom is a Battle” 5.13+. We wanted to give you some raw action in this installment and get a bit more warmed up to high-angle shooting. It is clear that the limestone here is unique to the world…but what about the culture? Stay tuned for the next dispatch on the amazing scene here..the local climbers, markets and vibe that drive the adventure.

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Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #3

OK, now we are drilling into the heart of the experience. After 3 nonstop days living the climbing lifestyle in the Jo-Si-To climbers camp the team heads to town for Turkish Sunday market.


Additional Imagery:
Boone Speed

Climber Compound for all ages:

Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #4

FREE RANGE TURKEY_dispatch #4 from camp4 collective on Vimeo.

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Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #5

Sam Elias waxes philosophic about creating SOMETHING FROM NOTHING!!!!



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Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #6

Yesterday the crew explored a totally different venue and resource off the coast of Olympus, the deep water soloing! We are continually blown away by the culture & climbing potential here in southern Turkey.


Additional Imagery and Psyche:

Renan Ozturk

Free Range Turkey_Dispatch #7

Samarai warrior??….Ninja assassin??…..Bruce Lee??

No, it’s Yuji Hirayama!!!

In dispatch 7 we discover his personal philosophy for life and climbing as he floats up some of the world’s most difficult rock climbs [Devers Royal 8c+? hardest climb in Turkey!] . Loosely translated from Japanese!

Produced & Directed by: Renan Ozturk and Jimmy Chin

Additional Imagery: Boone Speed

Omar Faruk Tekbilek
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