Extreme Makeover: Climber’s Edition

We’ve all had the conversation. Late night. A couple sixers of PBR deep. Dead in winter dreaming of rock. “Man, we should totally put some plastic underneath the back stairs. It would make a sick overhang.” Or, “I saw this woodie for sale on Craigslist. It’ll definitely fit in the living room. (Note to reader: be careful when you check out a woodie that you see on Craigslist. Bring a friend or a bat.)

Photo: naf architect and design

Now here’s one idea. Scrap the stairs and throw up a climbing wall to get from the kitchen to the roof deck. Works if you’re designing a house from scratch. Which no climbers have the money to do. No matter how oblivious your landlord, I think they’ll notice you cutting holes in the ceiling.

What would you do if Ty Pennington showed up at your doorstep with a wad of cash and said he was going to give your pad an extreme makeover, climber’s style?


  • We have some friends who bolted some holds on to the wall to create several routes in their house for their kid who climbs, including one with bolts and an anchor so he can practice leading. Pretty rad.

  • Climberism says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, even if it’s just for showing off… :)

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