Daila Ojeda Repeats Mind Control 5.14c/8c+

Photo Keith Ladzinski

An excited Daila Ojeda has finally sent her project entitled  Mind Control, 5.14c/8c+ in Oliana, Spain. Ojeda is the only female to climb this difficult course, pushing the standards for women climbers worldwide. She recounts her experience with a sense of “deja vu” stating on her blog  “It was really nice to clip the chains and remember what it’s like to redpoint. It’s so good!”

She also congratulates her friend, Joe Kinder, who did the climb the same day. “It was a good day for the Era Vella Team!” Ojeda emphasizes.

Mind Control is a rigorous route 40 meters long and, as of March 2011, only six people had conquered it.  Among those six is climber Adam Ondra. Mind Control isn’t only what he’s known for either. Ondra has onsited at least seven 5.14c’s. Mind Control was only one of them. Impressive to say the least.

Although Ojeda is an experienced climber and has done some 8cs before, she did have some jitters. She states that it was “a really frantic moment” but thanks her fellow climbers and friends for their support and continued motivation.