Climbing Works International Festival is Underway -RESULT UPDATE-


  1. Chloé Graftiaux BEL
  2. Johanna Ernst AUT
  3. Melanie Sandoz FRA
  4. Katharina Saurwein, AUT
  5. Sabine Bacher AUT


  1. Gérôme Pouvreau FRA
  2. Gabrielle Moroni ITA
  3. Thomas Caleyron FRA
  4. Gareth Parry GBR
  5. Stew Watson GBR

WINNING TEAM – The Climbing Works Team


Climbing Works International Festival kicked off its Euro climbing comp today. You can check it out and watch it from home. The semi-finals and the finals are being transmitted live. You can watch at

Some of the Euro’s finest climbers are there, Jerome Mayer, current European and CWIF champion, the full French bouldering team, Johanna Ernst from Austria current World and European Lead Champion, and lots of Brits including Strong’ Steve McClure, Gaz ‘Fat Lad’ Parry, Andy ‘Scrawny Geordie’ Earl, Dave Barrans, Ned Feehally (current British Bouldering Champ), Katy Whittaker, Diane Merrick, etc, etc.

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