Climber Dies at The Gunks

On Sunday, tragedy struck the Northeast climbing world when Stephanie Prezant died from injuries sustained after a fall at the Gunks. Prezant, 22, was climbing Easy Keyhole at The Trapps when the toprope anchor somehow broke and she fell at least 15 feet to the ground. It appears that her group had girth-hitched multiple pieces of webbing around the tree at the top of the climb, and somehow the anchor came down with the rope she was on–whether from bad knots, an unclipped carabiner, or something else–details on the cause are still unclear. One eyewitness talked to the rangers who said that the slings were intact, meaning they didn’t tear. That same person reports that Prezant was not wearing a helmet at the time of the fall.

No matter the cause, the mistakes made, or the conjecture about what could have been done different, the death of Stephanie is a tragedy. Our deep condolences are extended to her friends and family.

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