Interview with Mike Foley on Jaws II Rumney, New Hampshire


With no other projects at hand, the 21 year old Lincoln, Massachusetts native, hiked up Jaws II on his first go after a four hour rest from the 90 degree heat that has been rolling through the Northeast. Working the route for a total of two weeks, on and off, he finally figured out his own beta that eventually lead to his send. Currently Foley lives in Squamish, British Colombia where he attends Quest University. He says he didn’t get to climb that much because of the rainy conditions during the school here. With not many training options in the Squaimish area during the rainy months, Foley assisted in raising $20,000 to construct the Universities climbing gym, where he and his friends are psyched to help develop the facility. Here is what he had to say in his recent send of Jaws II:

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