Brian Kim Establishes New 5.13d in Shawangunks – Monumantle

Teaser: Brian Kim, a local strong-man of New Jersey, recently climbed and established a new route he is calling Monumantle a 5.13d in the Gunks. The route is located on “Dismantle Block” in the middle of the Trapps. We caught up with Kim via the internet and cell phone e-mail while he was visiting Yosemite. Monumantle, Kim says, has a “Very bouldery nature” and “Most harder climbs at the Gunks may have one or two boulder moves. This route seems to link up very distinct bouldery sections.” Brian is also working a project he told us on the Twilight Zone Buttress, he describes this climb as “Very hard, bouldering, and exposed (ie. scary).” and when asked about climbing in the Northeast vs. climbing out West, he says “They are so different. I enjoy traveling and climbing elsewhere, but I really only feel at home on the Northeast.” Great work Brian!

Be sure to look for the full interview in Issue #3 coming out next month. Below you can watch Brian in action grabbing the second ascent of  Cybernetic Wall, the Gunks hardest route. The last ascent was 20 plus years ago. Enjoy!

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