BKB Somerville is Coming!

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“Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is a hybrid climbing facility built on the premise that physicality stimulates innovation and creativity. Our goal is to provide a new type of curated community space anchored by 38,000 square feet of sophisticated, challenging climbing terrain augmented by art, culture, music and entrepreneurship.”

The climbing gym standard is rising, and jumping on the revamped-gym bandwagon is Brooklyn Boulders. The premiere bouldering facility of New York is opening up at monstrous 38,000 square foot second location in Somerville, Massachusetts in early summer, which begs the question “So what? It’s just another climbing gym.”


Gym tour with the COO – Photo by Stephanie Crumley. Walls being built by Vertical Solutions.

Au contraire my dear friends, au contraire.

Try: climbing gym with the amenities of a yoga studio, a sauna, several multifunctional spaces for local artists and food vendors, as well as space for outdoor gear retailers to set up shop, with the gym rotating brands every three months. This coupled with the fact that you’ll be able to watch T-Swift and Ondra’s new video in high speed while you’re warmed by a fire in the glass encased climber’s lounge is sure to attract a lot of rock nerds in the Cambridge area.


Lead Monster – Photo By Stephanie Crumley. Walls being built by Vertical Solutions.


CEO and COO – Photo by: Stephanie Crumley. Walls being built by Vertical Solutions.

“If you look at the traditional, more linear climbing gym model is…you come from work, you change into your climbing clothes you get your workout in, you go home. But we really want this to be a place where on your day off—because it’s a biking community, its a pedestrian area—that you’ll want to stop in there.” —Gavin Heverly, COO of Massachusetts newest gym

This is not going to be your typical rock wall-plus-workout room climbing gym. The idea behind this grand scale wonderland is that it will become an area where people can just hang out (see what I did there?). There isn’t a single reason you would need to go home from this place. Food, clothes, showers, fire… and as for a place to crash well…what’d you think all those mats were for? “You’ve got Harvard Square, Central Square, MIT, Tufts University, it’s a really central location in a great community, we’re really excited about it,” says Gavin Heverly on the prime location of the gym. “We’re going to be driving traffic to the outdoors too, so that’s something that’s really important to us, that trickles down into how to teach people [about climbing outside], so all of our instructors will be AMGA certified.”


Construction of the gym’s 140’x22′ bouldering wall – Photo by: Stephanie Crumley. Walls being built by Vertical Solutions.

Within it’s 38,000 square feet, the new gym will consist of around 24,000 square feet of climbing including a 70’x14′ bouldering wall, 140’x22′ main bouldering feature, a 50′ lead climbing feature as well as 30′-50′ top roping and leading sections. The gym is hoping to be up and running by early June, and membership pre-sale is going on at their webpage bkbsomerville.com, but for now, hard-hat, candle-lit dinners and gym tours are how BKB Somerville is connecting with the community:


Hard hat candle lit dinners – Photo by Stephanie Crumley. Walls being built by Vertical Solutions.

For a mini tour of the gym be sure to watch BKB Somerville’s promo video which you can find here, and on their website:


  • anon says:

    “Driving people to the outdoors” is right. Can you guys build some more cliffs while you’re at it?

  • John G says:

    “Like the world has never seen before”!?Please, you guys are full of yourselves. Don’t get me wrong the gym looks BA but have you seen other MEGA facilities out there? Is this going to be a reality show b/c that would be totally Jersey Shore of you?

  • ivan says:

    are they looking for a head routesetter?

  • Jesse Levin says:

    Ivan, we are looking for route setters to augment our current team. E-mail gavin@brooklynboulders.com

  • Jesse Levin says:

    Hey John,

    We are definitely looking to incorporate some new concepts here. It is a massive experiment for sure and it could go either way, but we are ok with that. While we are very excited about the physical design of the facility it is more about the programming and driving concepts behind the project that are a bit different. But to your point, there are some AMAZING facilities out there – and we are not thinking about a reality tv show but plenty have been filmed in Brooklyn Boulders Brooklyn. Jersey Shore may have actually been one of them :-) feel free to ping me if you have any additional questions / comments jesselevin@brooklynboulders.com

  • Ivan, we are! email jesselevin@brooklynboulders.com for more info! Cheers

    John, we’re really excite and trying something new with the creative and entrepreneurial spaces we opening. We want to go beyond the typical climbing gym with this facility!

  • anonymous says:

    So this is what the rate increases at BKB are paying for. Ouch.

  • guest says:

    Yeah, we’re psyched to help you guys line your pockets while you help make our crags more crowded. Thanks!

  • Steve says:

    Wow someone is butt hurt. Glad people like you never leave Rumney, otherwise real climbers would get a bad name.

  • guest says:

    Quite the contrary; I almost never clip bolts. Climbing is being treated like a business, and that is practically guaranteed to cause future access issues.

    Maybe if they do enough Groupons, they can make every other hipster in Somerville a climber. Not to worry, though! I’m sure it won’t affect you at all… right?

  • climbguest says:

    I understand where you are coming from, but I believe that climbing is simply too awesome to avoid sharing. While we shouldn’t drag every passerby to the rock, we are constantly developing new and old areas through a growing enthusiastic community. The goal now is not to keep it hidden, but to manage responsibility and risk while encouraging new generations to enjoy that which was offered to us freely. The climbing community has been growing for decades now, and the best we can do is not to shun but to welcome newcomers and help them learn to respect and rejoice all realms of climbing while having a hell of a time.

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