Attention New Hampshire Climbers…You Did It!

A little over a month ago, we at Climberism sent out an announcement calling attention to House Bill 1551, which involved the protection of landowners whose property is used for  hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, horseback riding, bicycling, water sports, winter sports, snowmobiling, or OHRVs (off-highway recreation vehicles) as defined in RSA 215-A, hiking, sightseeing, or removal of fuel wood. With the recent amendment to the bill, climbing is now on that list as well, explicitly protecting the landowners.  With this protection comes ease of mind to private land owners who may have been once wary of letting climbers onto their property for fear of liability if anything should happen out of the rock.

“This is an important piece of legislation for climbers, with landowners protected from liability if someone is injured while climbing on their property, it makes it much more likely that a landowner would consider public access to climbing.” – Erik Eisele

Local climbers rallied on May 9th submitting letters and phone calls to their Senators. Erik Eisele, Access Fund NH Regional Coordinator and Climberism Contributor took on the leadership role here, and together climbers were able to get some testimony time in at the Senate hearing on the bill. Tim Kemple Sr. provided the testimony and advocation for the amendment as well and the Sentate passed HB 1551 with it’s new climbing amendment on June 1st.


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