Ashima Shiraishi Sends Crown of Aragorn (V13)

I am sure most of you know the name Ashima Shiraishi by now. For those of you who don’t, the New York superstar is soon to turn 11-years-old and has been in the spotlight since she sent Power of Silence (V10) in Hueco at only eight years of age in 2010.  Well it seems crushing V10 and V11 boulders wasn’t enough for her. Yesterday, Ashima repeated Fred Nicole’s Crown of Aragorn in Hueco. She is likely the youngest climber to climb at such a level and is one of the handful of women to ever climb 8B in the world.

Ashima recently took home the win during the Youth Nationals by flashing all three of the finals problems. At this point, I don’t think anything can stop this girl from sending the sport into a whole new era of climbing.