New Alien Cams to be Made in Spain by Fixe-Faders!

After Colorado Custom Hardware owner and Alien Cam inventor, David Wagoneer, passed away after a brief illness in 2009, the Alien Cam manufacturing slowed and eventually shutdown completely. Nadia Wagoneer was left with running the business on her own and over time it became too much. With the fear of lawsuits over defective and recalled Alien’s still floating around the climbing community, nobody was willing to take on the load or responsibility that came with purchasing Colorado Custom Hardware. Until now, Fixe-Faders recently purchased the patent, the machinery, and all the knowledge needed to being the manufacturing once again.

After a year and a half of negotiations, the Fixe-Fader deal went through and the market will once again see Alien Cams. According to, Nadia has spent the last two months in Spain teaching the secrets of Colorado Custom Hardware’s excellence to the Fixe-Fader manufacturing team.

Blue, Green, Yellow, Gray, and Red will be the first cams to hit the international market in September, and that means Europe too. All the new Alien’s will be made with the same raw material and the same machinery, guaranteeing the same ol’ cams everyone is in love with, but with better quality control.

We’re excited about the news and the happy ending for Nadia!



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