Access Fund Grant Rate It Program

The Access Fund has recently started a new system that allows climbers to rate access projects around the country. For the first time ever, you have the ability to help them decide which projects are the most important and help them decide where Access Fund grant money will ultimately end up. Twice a year the Access Fund reviews proposal from local climbing organizations located around the country. Some proposals include improvements, education, start-ups, repairs/damages, and many other projects that might help the community.

The second round of grants for this year include:

1. The Boulder Climbing Community startup

The BCC is seeking funds for assistance in becoming a non-profit organization, and help the branch out into the community through branding and logo campaigns

2. CRAG-VT Quarry Road Repair Project

Over the spring the Northeast saw unrelenting rain that damaged many climbing areas in the regions but perhaps the most severely damaged was the Bolton Quarry Road. CRAG-VT is applying for funds to help re-establish the road and replenish the funds they have already spent on fixing the road.

3. Muir Valley Parking Improvements/ Expansion

The ever expanding world of climbing has ultimately led to overcrowding in some areas, Muir Vally being one of them. This expansion project with help build two more parking lotsĀ  allowing for another 70-80 cars to park in the area.

4. New Mexico’s Diablo Canyon Enhancement Project

This project will help construct a parking lot, trails, and signage for the ever-growing Diablo Canyon. Local climbers will be working the the Bureau of Land Land Management to help with the project.

5. Red River Gorge’s Graining Fork Nature Preserve Restoration.

This year the Graining Fork Nature Preserve was closed by the land owners due to climber impact and disobeying the rules. The Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition alongside the Access Fund will be using valunteers to help restore and stabilize the area to help secure its access for the future.

6. Utah’s Castleton Tower Toilet Project

Utah Open Lands is searching for a solution to their current waste management issue that exists within the Castleton Tower Preserve. There are hoping to keep the area fee free.

7. Yosemite Climbing Association Facelift

Yosemite sees a lot of traffic each year and some just don’t get the Leave No Trace idea. The Yosemite Climbing Association is planning their 8th annual five day trash removal campaign. Last year volunteers worked 17,00 hours and removed 172,000 lbs of trash from the area — that’s a lot of people leaving things behind… This year they’ll also be adding trail restoration to the event.

For a full description of each event check out the ‘Rate It’ page located on the Access Funds website.