A Souvenir for the New AAC Campground in the New

Alright, because I know some of you are going south for part of the fall climbing season, I decided to give you a little Souvenir. Don’t get stuck or kidnapped by Boonies. This is your only warning.

“The long lost legendary “Best roof crack boulder problem at the New” has been justly ignored for decades. With thousands of pitches of world class rock lining the Gorge, carrying a crash pad was folly. Then, the Boonies arrived. Joey Henson’s rediscovery of this upside-down 35-foot off-width cricket-infested caveman pain fest meant a call for backup. Gene Kistler and Kenny Parker were too old by then, so the mantle fell to young Patrick Goodman. Then Tim Rose showed up and started climbing on the ceiling just before Lisa Hummel’s crimpy stare felled the boulder for good. And there was much rejoicing. Here is the tale.”

If/when you head to the New River Gorge this fall, the American Alpine Club has officially opened their campground. They are still working on fully opening the area but as of now they have basic camping and essentials, so go check it out.

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